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in the field of auditing financial statements, audits, accounting and tax consultancy and gain a sense of security and the highest quality service!

Auditing experience which we have gained for years of work for many various business entities.

Individual approach
to each client is important to us. From sole proprietorships to large corporations.



The scope of services provided is always adapted to the individual needs of clients. Ranging from recognizing the scale, scope and nature of operations, development directions, systems used, and evaluating risk.

  • Audits and reviews of financial statements
  • Audits of merger, division or transformation plans of a company
  • Consolidation package reviews
  • Financial and due diligence audits

“Take advantage of my support in the field of economic expertise, accounting and tax consultancy.”
Tomasz Nowak
Statutory Auditor at AWAL


Instead of maintaining your own accounting department, you can opt for outsourcing. AWAL provides a full range of accounting services. Starting from keeping accounting books, overseeing the led books and preparing financial statements.

“You can entrust us with keeping the accounts from A to Z or you can only commission supervision. The choice is yours.”
Lidia Tomczak
Chief Accountant at AWAL



Use our advice on identifying tax risk in any scope. We settle taxes and do it well. We determine the tax consequences of actions taken and provide answers to questions related to the interpretation of current tax law norms.

„Save yourself the trouble and get help with complicated tax matters.”
Tomasz Nowak
Statutory Auditor at AWAL

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Tomasz Nowak

Biegły Rewident

Tomasz Nowak

Biegły Rewident

Tomasz Nowak

Biegły Rewident

Tomasz Nowak

Biegły Rewident

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AWAL Kancelaria Biegłych Rewidentów sp. z o.o.
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AWAL Kancelaria Biegłych Rewidentów sp. z o.o.
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Phone: + 48 501 604 402

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Our company as an entity authorized to financial audits is registered in the Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors in Warsaw under the number 3301.